Sunday, October 31, 2010

witches nt out scary!!

Posted by Picasame and some friends from the salon went to gardner village for witches nite out. WE had a blast just walking around taking photos , and hanging out !!

coco tub time

Posted by Picasaoh cole he just had to eat the soap , but not to bad he wanted to keep eating it!! The tounge photo is the face he has had all the time lately lol , he has finally cut 2 more teeth!

1st snow day!!

Posted by PicasaSo cole loved the snow until........ his hands got cold . poor little guy he cried and cried for it to get off , i couldnt help but laugh ! He was so funny out there and he just love the "ouusii"(outside in cole language)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jeff and i got to spend the weekend up at Bear lake - a first for both of us ! We had a blast ! We havent been together this long since our honeymoon !! crazy it will be 2 yrs next month !! We were very lucky to have been able to stay in this beautiful cabin in harbor village right by the marina and downtown GARDEN CITY. We had fun just resting , eating pizza and hamburgers and good old RASBERRY SHAKES! so thank you to Dave Blanchard for giving us this wonderful weekend together!
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Some of our fun 4th of July photos - my mom was here we worked in a both at freedom festival- camped out for the parade - and worked really hard and had lots of fun and i never want to do it again lol !!! I love the 4th it really is one of my favorite holidays of the year!!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

in palm desert

Posted by PicasaSome pictures of our two fun days at the pool area! We had so much fun there! All the kids played so well together and we had tons of fun in the sun in Palm Desert! 103 degrees the two days we were there but no one seemed to notice!!